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The Top 10 Digital Signage Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Advertising - Lisa - October 9, 2023

Digital signage is becoming increasingly popular to communicate quickly with customers, employees, and visitors in public spaces. However, many digital signage mistakes can be costly and time consuming if not avoided. Here, we will explore the top 10 digital signage mistakes and how to avoid them using digital signage monitors.

1. Not Having The Right Message:

One of the biggest mistakes in digital signage is not having the right message for your audience. It’s important to consider your target audience and what type of message you want to convey before designing any content for your displays. Without an effective message, it’s easy to lose potential customers or miss out on growth opportunities.

2. Not Utilizing Creative Solutions:

Another mistake people make with digital signage is not utilizing creative solutions such as videos, animations, or interactive elements like polls or games. These creative solutions can help engage viewers more effectively than traditional static images or text-based messages alone. Additionally, adding some fun into your messaging can go a long way towards helping people remember your brand and its products/services better than they might otherwise have done had you gone with just plain old text or pictures.

3. Not Updating Content Regularly:

Content should never be stale when it comes to digital signage; it should always be fresh and up-to-date with current trends and news related to your industry or company so that viewers don’t get bored quickly looking at the same information day after day. If you’re unsure how often you should update content on your displays, consult a professional about their recommended frequency for maximum impact on viewers’ attention spans and engagement levels.

4. Failing To Test Before Launching:

Before launching any campaign on a digital display network, you must test all aspects of the campaign thoroughly, including technical functionality (ease of use) as well as aesthetics (how attractive does it look?) This helps ensure that everything runs smoothly when you go live with the campaign so that viewers won’t experience any issues while interacting with the display network or viewing content from within it.

5. Poor Use Of Space On Digital Signage Monitors :

When setting up digital signage, pay attention to placement within each display area so that nothing looks cluttered or disorganised – this will give an unprofessional impression, which could be detrimental to viewers, in addition to detracting from whatever point you were trying to make with your sign(s). Think carefully when deciding where to place items such as menus, advertisements, etc. in relation to other items already present in order to create an overall aesthetically pleasing effect.

6. Ignore screen size requirements:

Not all screens are created equal – certain sizes may require different resolutions depending on their intended purpose (i.e. video playback vs. still image display). Make sure you know exactly which screen size requires which resolution before you buy any hardware to avoid compatibility issues later on.

7. Do not plan for the future:

Digital technology evolves rapidly over time, so what works today may not be relevant tomorrow. Make sure that however big of an investment you decide to make in equipment up front, you plan ahead by taking into account future updates/upgrades that may need to take place to keep things running smoother down the road.

8. Failure to consider different device capabilities:

When trying to reach multiple audiences using different devices (tablets vs computers), you need to take into account the differences in capabilities between them to achieve the desired result without complications. Some devices may have features that others do not; understanding these nuances is important to avoid problems caused by lack of compatibility between devices used to deliver content digitally.

9. Choosing the wrong platform / software to display content:

There are countless platforms available today that can be used to create dynamic visuals for our chosen media, whether it is a computer monitor or television. Choosing the wrong platform software could lead to many problems ranging from difficulty creating content to troubleshooting once deployed site. Be sure to research thoroughly, choose best fit specific goals, budget order to enjoy seamless integration process moving forward!

10. Forget about maintenance & support after deployment:

Once deployment is complete, don’t forget to provide necessary maintenance support needed to run successfully long term. Failure check regular hardware issues could cause downtime further delaying productivity overall business operations. Regular checks ensure the system remains in optimum condition, saving money on repair costs down the line!

With proper planning and foresight, businesses will be able to easily avoid common pitfalls that come along with using digital signs either indoors or outdoors, attracting new customers, growing existing ones, in a cost effective manner!

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